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  • Mike Goldberg Quotes

    “Travis Lutter is the Michael Jordan of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu!” – Mike Goldberg “Matt and Mark (Hughes) used to pound each other on the farm as young boys.” – Mike Goldberg

  • EFWC MMA Pictures

    This past Saturday, I was asked to take pictures at the Anaheim Convention Center on for the EFWC MMA fights. It was a big learning experience figuring out how to shoot through a fence and still manage to focus on the action. It was also a trip to be sitting a foot away from someones […]

  • Rampage

    After I got a picture with Randy, I figured what the heck, I’ll try to get one with the new Light Heavyweight champ.  He was really cool about it and actually stopped doing an on camera interview to take a picture with me (although he probably just wanted out of the interview). Rampage is one […]

  • Randy Couture

    This was after UFC 71: Liddell vs. Rampage downstairs at the press conference.  Dude, seriously…look how much bigger his fist is than mine.