Category: Celeb Spottings

  • Celeb Spottings April 5, 2005

    Per Lisa the sis-in-law: Giovanni Ribisi browsing at American Rag (of which I boycott and defame) on Sunday, April 3 Sidney Poitier lunching at Belvedere Restaurant at the Peninsula Hotel on Tuesday, April 5 Jack Valenti (former head of Motion Picture Assoc) also at Peninsula

  • Celeb Spottings March 29, 2005

    A few days late on this one, but Dustin (my bro-in-law) saw Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block fame shopping in a new clothing store somewhere in Beverly Hills. No comment on how or why he knew of him since Dustin had no sisters growing up. This is a shout out to my […]

  • Celeb Spottings March 13, 2005

    Walked by Justin Long from the TV show “Ed” and the movie “Dodgeball”, while eating lunch on Larchmont. My sister-in-law Lisa emailed me last night from her crackberry: “[Saw] Katie Holmes at the kcrw sounds eclectic show at universal ampitheater. Boo ya kaw.” Once again I didn’t who either of them were before I IMDB’d […]

  • Dinner with Bernard Parks

    So while we were eating dinner at some pseudo-dive garlic italian restaurant, some guy comes up to the table soliciting. I said “no thank you” not realizing who it was: Bernard Parks. He is some ex-police chief running for mayor of Los Angeles. So we talked to him for a bit. Pretty cool. That counts […]

  • Lunch at the Ivy

    As we were walking into The Ivy, we saw Paula Abdul. We ate our lunch and then walked down Robertson for about an hour. When we came back to valet, I looked into The Ivy courtyard and saw Simon Cowell. I don’t bug celeb’s but I considered (for a moment) bugging him and telling him […]