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  • 34 Prius Tips You May Not Know

    Well, 33 actually. I took this from a Priuschat forum because the forum has a tendency to get slow and sometimes not load at all. I wanted this not to get lost, so I took liberties to reprint it here. 😉 1. WHY YOU SHOULD INSTALL A MAGNETIC DRAIN PLUG. The oil in your Prius […]

  • Prius Hack

    $3,000 hack to get the Prius to run solely from battery and allow recharge from electrical outlet: New York Times: Hybrid-Car Tinkerers Scoff at No-Plug-In Rule

  • Bought the Treo 650

    I have been needing a new phone for a long time, but nothing out there was any interest to me. I didn’t want a clunky PDA since I have my laptop most of the time, and I didn’t want the new Sprint Videophones, because I dont care about it in the least. The only phone […]