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  • Walmart Video Downloads in Firefox

    uhhh…where do I login?

  • Render RadioButtonList as an Unordered List UL

    In my latest project, I found the need to use the RadioButtonList which spits out the absolute nastiest HTML to render it unusable (for me anyway). The control gives you to HTML options using the RepeatLayout attribute. Flow spits out a series of span’s and label’s with BR’s if you don’t specify RepeatDirection of Horizontal. […]

  • Emulating Digg Spy using AJAX.NET

    In my latest project, I need to build a lead system for our sales people. It will work very similarly to the application, so I took advantage of their model in order to learn AJAX.NET. I decided to go with AJAX.NET, rather than the new Anthem, just to get my feet wet. I will […]

  • CSS Fun With MySpace

    A bunch of kids at my work are on myspace, and they spend TONS of time on the website. I spent some time looking at their sites they created, and came to the realization that the basic point is to make something so disgusting and hard to read than your friend. There is no observation […]

  • CSS vs Tables

    I just read a great article from a designer that actually says what (I feel) everyone thinks but is afraid to say.