Better Than Bookmarks: Delicious Firefox Extension

 Wow, I am really, really impressed.  Single handedly, an extension changed how I store and find webpages.  You can get it here.

 The new delicious firefox completely and totally eliminates the need to use Bookmarks anymore.  This is what it does:

1.  Instead of saving a bookmark, you would click this button:

2.  Doing so will bring up a dialog box for you to enter any keywords associated with the webpage.  Delicious is smart enough to recommend what it thinks the keywords should be based on other users:


3.  Once saved, you can browse and search for saved webpages with this button:

4.  This will bring up:


 5.  Click on the tag you want to drill into, or find the URL down below.


The only problem I had was importing my Firefox bookmarks.  I couldn’t do it using the wizard upon install.  I instead just exported my bookmarks to a file, went to the delicious site, and imported them manually.

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