nGallery and .Text

I got tired of waiting for Community Server to combine .Text and nGallery, so I just did it myself.

  1. First, download and install nGallery. It wants to copy the “web” file in my Program Files, and then create a virtual directory in your site. I just copied it to my website folder and went into IIS and selected “create application”. This allows me to have all my files in one place.
  2. Make sure your connection string is pointing to the correct place in \data\ngallery.config.
  3. Now that nGallery is installed, we need to link to it from your .Text page. For this I found Peaboy which explained it quite well. The only things I changed is the place where I made my galleries show up and the css styles.
  4. Follow what Edo says to make your images show up. As of this writing I haven’t done that yet.

One note is that it may not show up correctly in Firefox because of the Rules=”all” that the component spits out. I spoke of this November 8th.

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