Arm & Hammer – Consumer Scam?

I just bought replacements for the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda for the refridgerator and freezer and noticed a change on their box.

Where as the old box suggested to change every 3 months, now it tells us to switch every 30 days.

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Since the boxes and ingredients haven’t changed, it would appear to be an attempt to scam consumers into buying more Arm & Hammer.

I don’t like to feel taken advantage of and will not be buying their brand any longer – even if it is a relatively cheap product.


2 responses to “Arm & Hammer – Consumer Scam?”

  1. Maybe the initial number was correct according to the research at the time the product was released, but now there is new data that says otherwise…that is weird though.

  2. I put Arm & Hammer directly on the collar of a NEW white turtleneck sweater, let it soak X30 mins, before hand washing. It has turned this new sweater blue. I tried stain remover to remove–no luck.
    Why did this turn BLUE??????
    Please advise because I have just destroyed a NEW SWEATER.

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