Call of Duty 2 and other Xbox 360 Ditties

Man, Call of Duty 2 is hard. Really hard. I am playing on Veteran (the insane level), because that is the only way to get Xbox Live Achievements.

I have 3 campaigns left, but can't get past the first checkpoint of the American campaign. I have played it…I don't know…maybe 40 times and no cigar. At it isn't like I die at the same spot each time. It's about 7 minutes of fighting which culminates by running in front of a cannon. I have a knack of dying about 10 seconds from the next checkpoint.

In other news, I finished off Project Gotham Racing and started Gun to kill some time until next month.

February sees the release of Fight Night on 2/22/06, Street Fighter 2 at the end of February, and Ghost Recon soon after.


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