Category: Xbox 360

  • Only Idiots Will Buy a PS3

    Excuse me if I offend anyone, but you would seriously have to be some kind of moron to buy a PS3 for twice the price of a much better Xbox 360: Sony has flat out lied to its fans that they were going to launch this March, when everyone in the industry knew it wasn't going […]

  • Why the PS3 Will Suck

    If you know me, you know I am a big Xbox 360 fan.  Heck, I have a whole category devoted to my 360 diatribes.  But the funny thing is I don’t want the PS3 to suck, although it is going to. Here’s the deal:  Sony screwed up big time and got out-maneuvered by Microsoft.  And […]

  • Xbox 360 Spy

    In Project Gotham Racing, you can watch Gotham TV and tune into live games by some of the best racers in the world. You can also view the #1 racer for a particular race and watch a replay of his race, and even race his “ghost”. This is all cool, but I want to be […]

  • Call of Duty 2 and other Xbox 360 Ditties

    Man, Call of Duty 2 is hard. Really hard. I am playing on Veteran (the insane level), because that is the only way to get Xbox Live Achievements. I have 3 campaigns left, but can't get past the first checkpoint of the American campaign. I have played it…I don't know…maybe 40 times and no cigar. […]