How To Cheat at Mafia Wars

More truthfully, this is  “How to Take Maximum advantage of the rules in Mafia Wars”.

If you play correctly, you can get to a point where you will never run out of energy.  You can just level up over and over and over.

Today I played for just a little while and completed over 4,800 jobs:

Mafia Wars Profile Page

This is what you need to do:

  1. If you haven’t started yet, choose the Maniac mafia type.  This isn’t required, but just makes the game go faster.
  2. Find a Mafia Wars group to find people that will join your mafia.  Send them friend requests and start to fill up your mafia with the highest level guys.  The two most important slots to fill in your Top Mafia is your Mastermind and Wheelman.  I made sure I filled them with guys that gave me an 11% reduction each:
    Mafia Wars Mastermind
    This gives me a collective 22% bonus for all my jobs – HUGE.

    For your Mastermind, you are looking for someone that has completed a lot of jobs, and for your Wheelman you are looking for a high level Fearless mafia type.

    My Mastermind has completed 27,500 jobs, and my Wheelman is Level 358.  These are high numbers, but relatively easy to find.

  3. Add every skill point to your Energy as you aquire them.
  4. Whenever you can, spend 14 Godfather points to receive 4 additional Skill points, and add them to your Energy.

It won’t happen right away, but eventually, you will have so many Energy points that you will never run out.  I was able to complete all of Cuba in one sitting, along with most of the Boss level.

Once you have completed all jobs, there is no end (at least so far).  You can complete the best paying job, “Settle a Beef…Permanently” forever. I levelled about 100 times today alone.
And just to show you how cool it is, I completed jobs for the same amount of time it took me to write all this up (about 10 minutes). This was where I started:

Mafia Wars Jobs

And after 10 minutes:

Mafia Wars Jobs

It would take a normal player well over a week to complete 30 levels!

Every “trick” has a down side, but in this case I don’t think it is a big deal. Because you are spending all your skill points in Energy, you will be very weak and get robbed and killed more often. But since there are no real penalties, this is a small price to pay.

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  1. Thanks for the inside exp. great info. I’m been playing a week or so have until recent been putting all skill points into energy. I got a level 30 I think. the limited time able to do jobs or play game because of loe level engry, start point. Its a easy game to feel frustrated on. My son had started before me and I liked what I saw, Hes a typical gamerPS2 etc type. Said I couldnt do better So I had to lol hes level 13. Mafia members to get people to join Dosent seem to work Im chaten with several people that I sent join my mafia out to as well got join my mafia from I dont show in any other then one as well I only got one member. The link shows however the number of family members dont this is frustrating because of to complete Tier 2 you require more members on the boss fight Any ideas about this. Another error is jobs mastered it goes back to first week completion ? I dolewed tool bar sign in I stopped deleating cookies chnge the settings to keep cokies web browers history to 999 days?? Any way any insight would be great Im ready to quit frustrated by errors other wize I know I would be much nbeyond this level. After seeiing how one member level 8 or so have helped me.
    Thanks again
    John (Street Thug)

  2. and thats why that level 800 gets hammered by a level 108….. no substance just energy pussy

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