Xbox 360 Spy

In Project Gotham Racing, you can watch Gotham TV and tune into live games by some of the best racers in the world. You can also view the #1 racer for a particular race and watch a replay of his race, and even race his “ghost”. This is all cool, but I want to be able to watch my friends race.

And to take it a step further, I would love to watch a friend battle his way through Call of Duty 2 and see him getting shot in the head every 30 seconds. I could give comments and helpful advice via chat.

Even further would allow me to take over and show him what to do. Maybe only allow a maxium of a few minutes to keep people from taking credit for someone else's work.

We could call it Xbox 360 spy (Since Xbox 360 Remote Desktop sounds stupid and well, is mis-named). It would obviously be opt-in, so you would have to allow someone to watch each time they want to connect. And I am guessing that the connecting person would also need the DVD in the drive to prevent sending over all those bits.

How cool would that be?


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