Bank Of America Customer Service

At the same time of my Sony fiasco, Sam lost her ATM card after using it at the bank. When she went back there, they couldn’t find it, but were very nice and willing to help.

When she left the bank, she called the 1-800 BofA number to cancel the card. Once she got the representative on the line, the rep told her that her card was found at the bank. She said it was “just” found, after Sam had left. Sam then went back to pick it up.

How cool is that? Not only are they all nice about helping (in contrast to Sony), but someone reported the credit card in the branch in Los Angeles, to 1-800 people (located god-knows where) all in minutes, so that Sam didn’t have to cancel the card when she called in. That is some fine networking! (In contrast to Sony not even able to tell me that they received my package).

I swear, its like comparing the Flintstones to the Jetsons. Would anyone buy a new DVD player if it said “FLINTSTONES” instead of “SONY”?

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