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  • Stephen Colbert Said My Name On The Colbert Report

    Not sure how long the link will stay live but you can see it at the 5:30 mark over at Hulu: I signed up for the beta of which he was making fun of.  It is a site that allows you to share your credit card purchases. You can view my boring purchases […]

  • Starbucks Venti Iced Coffee Cup

    I walked into a Starbucks in an old Albertson’s and saw this baby sitting there for $15. Apparently they had only been there for 1 hour and they were almost sold out. I was looking for this many years ago, and the Grande sized ones were selling for almost $80 on ebay. They were discontinued […]

  • Charles L. Black on Louis Armstrong

    I am in the middle of watching Ken Burns’ awesome Jazz DVD Set.  I never realized the importance of Louise Armstrong had in our music and culture: Charlie Black, a freshman from University of Texas, happened to go see Louis Armstrong at a club in 1931.  He knew nothing of jazz and never heard of Louis Armstrong. […]

  • Stevie Wonder’s Election Night Toast

    Recounting the story of seeing Stevie Wonder at Mr. Chow’s in Beverly Hills on election night, Taylor Swift told this story to Ryan Seacrest this morning on his radio show: “…Half way through the meal, they dim all the music in the restaurant and it was completely silent and one of the waiters said: “Hey, […]

  • These Writer Strikes Are Stupid

    For such an intellectual and talented group of people, they sure are being dumb.  I mean, really, really, dumb. They are trying to force the hand of the studios to pay them more money on future “estimated” revenue in a marketplace that doesn’t yet exist. And up until Sunday, they were also asking an increase percentage […]

  • Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats

    This song was released in 2005, and this week was the first I heard of it.

  • Wikipedian Protester

    Brilliant. via Wonderland.

  • Home Wireless Security Systems Review

    A neighbor was burglarized a few days ago, and although the idea of yet another monthly charge was upsetting to me, I decided to check out what options were available.  I called ADT, Brinks, Metro Guardian, Protection One and Protect America. I went into this knowing nothing other than a few of the big names, […]

  • Phoenix Videos

    Phoenix’s first steps (about an hour ago) with cart: Laughing while playing with remotes (pretty funny): Jumping up and down in his bouncer: Yesterday, he figured out how to raise his hands up in the air.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts Commercial

    My brother-in-law’s commercial is airing in regions where Dunkin’ Donuts are located.  Yay! Now playing: The Shins – Australia