Cirque Du Soleil Ka was Ka-rap

If you have seen any other Cirque show, you will agree that this show is very sub par.  I went to Las Vegas specifically to see this show, so it was a big let down.


The reason we like Cirque is the awesome combination of art, ingenuity and acrobatics. This show has LOTS of ingenuity and art direction, but no talent. It is like they forgot the “show” and spent all their time making a cool stage.

Where as a normal Cirque show has great acrobatics with clown/fun in-between, this show had fluff, with some acrobatics thrown in there. The fluff wasn’t funny, and went on WAAYY too long.

And believe me, I am not a critical person. I have seen 5 other Cirque shows, and was expecting great things from Ka. But don’t waste your money, unless you think $150 is worth seeing a cool stage.

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