E3 and the XBox 360

Wow, information overload. The music, the videos, the crowds…holy toledo. I had to park almost a mile away from the Convention Center.

I must say that the standout for me was the XBox 360. They had a bunch of 42″ Plasmas showing some great looking games coming out. Call of Duty 2 was just sick. HD is hear to stay! I also got to play Need For Speed on the 360 in the EA booth. Even though I don’t like racing games, I just couldn’t get enough of it. If Doom causes 3D card to be sold, I can’t imagine the XBox won’t sell some TV’s.

Once I saw that, all the rest of the show was just ehh. Their is just such a huge difference between High Def games and standard that I just don’t care to see pixelations anymore. I will say that E3 has turned from a bunch of “booths” to a bunch of “cities”. To call the Sony, EA, or Microsoft areas booths just doesn’t cut it.

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