Grammy Awards

Ok, that was the most amazing Grammy’s ever. Am I alone in this? I NEVER watch the Grammy’s, but it just held me there captive. The stage, the performers…unbelievable. Anything involving Stevie Wonder makes me smile.

Things still pissed me off though. Namely:

  • The voters inability to pick correct choices. What is w/ Ray Charles winning? Did they not listen to the Green Day album? It is magnificent from start to finish. If Ray wasn’t dead, he wouldn’t even of been nominated. This isn’t as much of a wack job as Steely Dan stealing the Grammy from Eminem in 2001, but it’s close.
  • And U2 winning for Vertigo? Come on voters! Don’t be so predictable! Don’t just vote for the “biggest, oldest name you know”. I personally think Vertigo is annoying. The single “American Idiot” is slightly less annoying, but Franz should of taken it. It was truly the best song.
  • Elvis Costello? What is this, 1982?
  • I want to say something bad about Los Lonely Boys, but I liked how happy they were, and I’m scared of that one guy with the bandana.
  • And why did Slash allow everyone to do a little solo in “Across the Universe” except himself? Nora was sucking pretty bad; Slash should of jumped in front of her, lit a match on her teeth, stuck a cigarette in his mouth, and then whip out a 20 second solo. But had he done that, there would be nothing to look forward to next year.

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