Movies and Sitings

For awhile I was writing about celebrity sitings around town, but it was getting stupid. Every week there was another one, and I just didn't care enough to write about it.

But over the last week, I parked next to Donnie Darko heading into Ralphs for some late night shopping. It was odd because he was staring at me as I pulled up giving me a “whats up?” I was like “do I know this guy” followed by, “that looks like jake gyllen…” Then a couple days ago I almost ran down Samwise 'Sam' Gamgee a.k.a Rudy. I was on my way to go reserve my Xbox 360 when he was crossing the street. While swerving to avoid him, I was like “That looks like that goonie…” That would of been hot running over that hobbit. I mean, not even Sauron could do that, and he had more than a Prius. 🙂

One trick in LA is that when you think someone looks like someone, its someone.

In other news, Wedding Crashers was hilarious, followed closely by 40 Year Old Virgin.


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