My Netflix Stats

From July through the end of this year, I have netflix’d 95 movies.

24 of which were Star Trek related. (Up from 22 for the prior 6 months

The worst movie is a tie between Bubba Ho-Tep and The Wood.

The best was Mean Girls.

To date, I have completed the following TV Series using netflix:

  1. 7 seasons of Star Trek Next Generation
  2. 7 seasons of Star Trek Deep Space Nine
  3. 3 seasons of Star Trek Voyager
  4. 2 Seasons of 24
  5. 2 seasons of The Office
  6. 2 Seasons of Da Ali G Show
  7. 2 Seasons of Six Feet Under and
  8. about to wrap up the 1st season of Carnivale.

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