Palm OS Applications for my Treo 650

Here is the list so far of what I have bought or planning to buy:

  1. BackupMan – backup to my SD Card.
  2. Sprint PCS Connection ManagerSprint Business Connect – sync my email with outlook in real time automatically.
  3. Butler 2.71 – random cool stuff like re-appropriating the volume buttons
  4. PlanPlus From Franklin Covey
  5. PdaNet for Treo 650 3.2 – if you are a franklin planner fan…I am trying it to see if this will work better than paper
  6. Pocket Tunes Deluxe MP3/WMA Player 3.0.6 – can stream shoutcast files in the background.
  7. ZLauncher 5.103 – adds nice UI changes.
  8. Windows XP for zlauncher 3 – nice theme.
  9. VeriChat 2.33b – always on IM for MSN, Yahoo and ICQ (cant get calls while logged in).
  10. mRing 2.0.3 – allows you to use mp3’s as ringers (havent used yet).

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