Scissor Sisters Concert

At the concert right now. This is more an exercise of ‘look what I can do’ than of necessity.

But so far it has been pretty humorous. Whereas at an Iron Maiden concert you get the 80’s hessians, here is a combo of transvestites, ravers and pimps.

We are waiting for them to start and they are playing lots of techno. However, they just busted out with Journey and people went nuts…go figure.

Update: Then a Dolly Parton song blared and on they came.

They were definately full of show, and their music was as good as their cd, but I can’t get into the whole gay, prancing around thing. I mean, am I supposed to throw my arms in a “V” and scream and holler when two men are humping each other? Or when he is skipping? I actually thought I was the only straight guy there until I walked out next to Frodo Baggins.

I’m sorry, but I learned my lesson from this respect. I will stick to going to Megadeth concerts where I can thump my chest and bite the side of bear cans.

Update #2: Samantha had a revelation that she thinks Scissor Sisters refers to men getting a sex change (‘scissor’) to then become a ‘sister’. This would explain all the cross dressing…

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