Tech Organization

One facet of tech that I think gets overly overlooked is organization. I take great pride of trying to make the space where my tech is situated as nice as possible. God knows my wife would never stand for the six odd gadgets on our desk if there were mounds of wires.

The biggest tool I use are Zip Ties. The trick is to just have enough of them so you aren’t afraid to use them, and to have them in black and clear. That way they will blend in no matter the wire color. I got my last batch from 9th Tee.

The back of my computer would be a HUGE mess with organization. I could further tie some of those loose wires, but if you go too overboard, you will have to cut it when you readjust your keyboard. I use zip ties for the excess of each wire, along with velcro ties from to tie all the wires together. That way when I have to grab something to go, I don’t have to cut everything loose.

I then used a staple gun to staple a zip tie underneath the desk, and then used velcro straps to run all the wires underneath the lip together:

I also highly advocate clear storage bins to hold distinct groups of tech. I labeled mine with a P-Touch because I like how clean it looks:

I hate magazines laying around. I keep the ones I want in magazine racks:

Another cool thing are ID Wrapz to help you identify plugs. For example, behind my stereo I have some 10 plugs in a power protector. If I want to unplug my X-Box, I don’t want to have to trace each wire, no matter how many ties I have back there. This allows me to look at each plug and know I am unplugging the correct one.

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