The Office American vs. UK

For those that don’t know, there is a new TV series on NBC called The Office, which is a takeoff of the BBC Version with the same name.

Many people have seen the BBC version, but I am shocked each time I discuss it and find blank stares. It is definately one of the best comedy’s since Seinfeld.

Watching the NBC version after seeing all of the BBC version (on Netflix) wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Some of the episodes seem to be almost completely copied from the old one, but others are totally new. The biggest difference is in the Office Manager character. Ricky Gervais who plays the manager in the original wrote the whole series around him and his idiosyncrosis. When you watched him, you feel embarrased because you believe that someone *could* act like that. In the new one, Steve Carell plays Ricky’s character and he really takes it in another direction. Each time Steve tries to mimic Ricky, it isn’t funny. But when he uses his own style of humor it really is good. So you don’t feel embarrassed any more; more like “no one would act like that”. But it doesn’t really matter, since it is still funny.

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