These Writer Strikes Are Stupid

For such an intellectual and talented group of people, they sure are being dumb.  I mean, really, really, dumb.

They are trying to force the hand of the studios to pay them more money on future “estimated” revenue in a marketplace that doesn’t yet exist.

And up until Sunday, they were also asking an increase percentage of DVD sales.  I say “up until Sunday” because they decided to give that up as a concession.

So, let’s see:  Let’s give up a market that will make them money now and the foreseeable future and instead ask of a percentage of fictional, guesstimated, revenue.

Hey writers!  WAKE THE HELL UP!  Remember Bubble 1.0?  Remember all the companies who went bankrupt trying to leverage unproven or “too-soon” technology?

Can you look around right now and see Bubble 2.0 video-related companies trying the same thing with prettier sites and STILL not making money?

I am not saying you shouldn’t try to negotiate for online percentages, but this is the wrong time.  Negotiate for DVD’s now, and stipulate a negotation for online in a year or two.  By then, we may see a real business model emerge and you will have some history of numbers to reference.

And if you have to “strike” because they won’t give in to your DVD demands, do something more productive than holding a sign.  That may be what’s needed for Teamsters and Coal Miners, but you guys can work smarter.  Band together and write your own darn shows and release them online.  Show the studio’s that you dont necessarily need them.  Others have.

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