This Never Happens

My brother-in-law and his old friend from New York were running some errands in town when my brother-in-law saw a car just like his friend used to drive.

“Wayne, that looks like your old car.”

“Dude! That is my old license plate.  That IS my car!”

They tailed the person a few miles to some 7/11 gas station where they got out of the car to talk him.  Wayne ran over to the Asian man and found that he had, in fact, purchased it from the same dealer he had sold it to many years earlier.

The Asian man said, “I heard the guy that owned it moved to New York.”

“That was me!”

Wayne then turned and pointed to my brother-in-law, and said, “And THAT guy over there puked in your backseat!”


It’s even crazier when you realize that Wayne doesn’t live here anymore, he sold the car pretty far away from where it was spotted, and Los Angeles is home to well over 10,000,000 people.

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