Xbox360: Best System Since the NES

I didn’t realize how much I missed the original Nintendo. There is something in the controllers and games simplicity that made it so fun. It was easy to use (when the cartridge would work) and the game seemed magical.

Ever since, game systems have gotten better graphics, but with it more complex controllers and games. I will never understand how to use 100 different combos in Dead or Alive. I just don’t care enough. Sure, DOA looks fantastic. But I still like how Super Mario 2 looks and I could complete the game using combinations of two buttons and one directional pad.

The Xbox 360 graphics are High Def and beautiful. But the controller is phenomal. It is SOOO comfortable, and it makes me forget that it has 10 buttons plus joysticks. The wireless is flawless, and the rumble pack really immerses me into the game. When I fire a tank in Call of Duty, it really feels like it.

And Xbox Live Arcade is what makes me feel like a kid again. Being able to play multiplayer Joust, Gauntlet, and the new Geometry Wars is so fun, I just can’t believe anyone would want a PS3.

Xbox Live also gives you “Achievements” for completing tasks within all games. Each game will give you a total of 1000 points by completing things within that game. So Madden may give you 100 points for scoring a touchdown and 100 points for completing 4 sacks in a game, and Call of Duty may give only 35 points for completing each mission. The sum of all those points are your Gamer Score which is attached to your Xbox Live Profile. So where as I have 695 points as of this writing, my buddy Alan has 1210. All points aren’t equal, obviously, since 750 of his points were from Gun, and are MUCH easier to get than my 350 from Call of Duty. (And the 10 points I got from Geometry Wars are the ones I am most proud of 🙂 But regardless, it is fun to try to increase your score, and gives you more impetus to play the games.

So although the controller and games aren’t any less complicated with the Xbox 360, the Xbox Live interface is very intuitive, the controller is very intuitive, and being linked to the world with Live makes it feel easier and magical. I really hope Microsoft can increase production so I can more than the one friend to play with!

So now I have a new device to rave about at parties. First it was TiVo, then Netflix, now the 360.

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