Gateway Causing No Internet Access

Sometime last week, I stopped being able to get access to the internet while at work.  I could get an IP address from DHCP, but couldn’t get any traffic past our firewall/gateway.

I thought it was DHCP server, and was ready to buy a new one as it is 5 years old.  But then I noticed in my ipconfig /all that I had two gateways:, and then on the second line, my correct gateway,  I had never seen two gateways listed, and almost scanned right over it.

I confirmed that no matter if I set the IP manually, or dynamically, I couldn’t get rid of the gateway.

I called my friend, the who knows all the technical nitty gritty in the TCP world.

We fired a command prompt and I printed my computer’s current route table by writing “route print”:

Route Print Before

You can clearly see the two lines showing  According to him, there should only be one line.  So we deleted them both:

Route Delete

This left us at:

Route Print Middle

So then we added the correct one back in:

Route Add

I did one more “route print” to make sure it took:

Route Print After

And viola, I have internet access!


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