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  • iPhone Weather Apps Suck

    This is just ridiculous that I have to check 5 weather apps to try to figure out how hot it is. This was the temperature last night at 9:52pm in Burbank, California: My guess was that it was around 74 – 76 degrees.

  • Importing Large Files into MySQL using phpMyAdmin and CPanel

    When I need to upload large .sql file (greater than 10 MB) into MySQL using phpMyAdmin, it frequently times out. The annoying the solution is to split the SQL file into several smaller file, but text editors will hang up if the file is too large, and if you aren’t careful you can break the […]

  • Switching to the Mac: Buying a Mac

    Almost 10 months ago, I purchased my first Mac. Because a lot more of my website work was less Microsoft and more Open Source, it made more sense. I also wanted to learn iPhone / iPad development which is impossible without a Mac. For an employed Windows developer, it was scary, confusing and exhilarating. There […]

  • Integrating Forums with WordPress

    There are three viable options if you want to leverage WordPress as your Content Management System, yet want to offer your users a way to interact in a forum. bbPress phpbb vBulletin bbPress bbPress is a very lean forum solution for WordPress written by Automatic.  It is a great idea for a quick and dirty […]

  • How To Properly Setup and Configure Godaddy DNS Settings

    If you buy domains through Godaddy, but host the website and mail somewhere else, chances are you had to edit your DNS settings. Up until a few weeks ago I had been doing it wrong.  It was working, for the most part, but some things like reverse dns lookups would fail, and strange errors would […]

  • Nasty IIS/ASP Querystring Cookie Case Bug

    I just stumbled on a nasty, nasty ASP bug that took about 7 years for me to see. The problem happens when using cookies and querystrings with the same name. A page on the site reads in a variable from the querystring and sets a cookie with the same name to its value, e.g.: strSrc […]

  • Gateway Causing No Internet Access

    Sometime last week, I stopped being able to get access to the internet while at work.  I could get an IP address from DHCP, but couldn’t get any traffic past our firewall/gateway. I thought it was DHCP server, and was ready to buy a new one as it is 5 years old.  But then I […]

  • Myspace Statistics

    I am watching a programming presentation from the Myspace tech team right now. They are going over their stats and was blown away by the numbers (as of April 2007): 185 Million Registered Users 50.2% Female / 49.8% Male Primary Age Demo: 14 – 34 Over the last 5 months, had between 39 and 45 […]

  • Delete Files Older Than Date Using Batch Files

    This problem has nagged at me for years.  Here is a batch command to delete files on a Windows 2003 machine. Forfiles -pC:\backup -s -m*.* -d-5 -c “cmd /c del /q @path” This will delete all files in my backup directory older than 5 days. To test it first, use this: Forfiles -pC:\backup -s -m*.* […]

  • Walmart Video Downloads in Firefox

    uhhh…where do I login?