Perfect Dark Zero

Being one of the lucky ones to have an Xbox 360, I try to play it every day. Lately, it has been Perfect Dark Zero.

What is fun for me is that my buddy Alan and I play the game missions co-operatively together. We hook up each night for about an hour and play the missions.

The missions are set up for more than one person, and you cannot finish a mission if you don’t work together. The enemies are pretty stinking tough to kill, and each time the two of us Rambo through a room, we land out dying.

Lots of weapons, and just plain fun. The graphics aren’t like Call of Duty, but serve the fun purpose.

As an aside, I started using Gamefly to save me some $$$. I really dig it. I sent back Condemned and Dead or Alive within a few days, but was glad I got to check them out and see how they looked in High Def. Tiger Woods went back as fast although it looked just ok, and played like every other Tiger Woods game you ever played.

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