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  • Trade Your iPod

    I would like to trade my iPod for a day with different people I know. It would be great way to get exposed to knew music, flirt (if you are trading with a potential hottie) and spice up your day. Maybe there should be a “Trade Your iPod Day”?

  • Valentines Day

    p>I’d say we had a pretty unique Valentine’s Day: First I gave her my gifts: Put the wedding CD I created on her iPod Nano and changed the Artist to the wedding day, the album to “Scott Loves Samantha”, and changed each song album cover to a picture of us. Compiled another wedding CD from […]

  • iPod with Video Fun

    The one gift I got this Christmas/Channuka was a new iPod. Technically, I got several gifts that I didn't like and took them back to get it, but whatev's…I got it. I have had an iPod since the day they came out for Windows. I mean, this thing looks vintage. It's big, its scratched up, […]

  • Converting AAC to MP3

    I just downloaded JHymn and I am really excited about it. I love the iTunes music store, but I also love my TiVo and the ability to listen to music on my computer. The only way to listen to music on TiVo is to convert all my aac files to mp3 which translates to burning […]

  • Problems Copying AAC Files to iPod

    I feel really dumb, but somehow in the last 6 months, I couldn't figure out how to copy an AAC file that I purchased on iTunes to my iPod. What I have tried: Dragging a file from “Purchased Music” to the iPod doesn' t work. When I drag the song over the iPod, it doesn't […]