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  • Remembering Regsvr32

    I just tried to open Sauce Reader, my blog reader of choice, but all it gave me was an error and an option to close.  After digging through the error message, I found the message, “Class not registered”. Ok, easy enough.  I opened a command prompt and started to register each dll in the Sauce […]

  • Omea Reader Replaces Newsgator for RSS

    So, I finally found a great replacement for Newsgator. Truth is, I found nothing. I just follow several months behind Tim Haines. First I moved to Sauce Reader because of Tim's Post Here, then when I mentioned my problems with it, he let me know about another one. Thanks Tim! Anyway, although long overdue, I […]

  • Sauce Reader

    I have been looking for a possible replacement for Newsgator because my Outlook is starting to get a bit crowded and will sometimes go into endless restarts. My biggest feature request is the ability to view all the items in one browser interface like Newsgator or Bloglines. I want to be able to have a […]