Omea Reader Replaces Newsgator for RSS

So, I finally found a great replacement for Newsgator. Truth is, I found nothing. I just follow several months behind Tim Haines. First I moved to Sauce Reader because of Tim's Post Here, then when I mentioned my problems with it, he let me know about another one. Thanks Tim!

Anyway, although long overdue, I have been using Omea Reader from Jet Brains (same guys who make Resharper), for over a month. I have no doubts it is the best tool out there, and I have tried them all: Feed Demon, Sauce, SharpReader, RssBandit, Bloglines, Newsgator, and several others that aren't worth remembering.

Not only that, but the guys over there at Jet Brains seem really great. I sent over 3 bug reports this morning from a beta test I am doing and I got 3 personal replies within an hour. Technology aside, I would much rather support a company with a free product with great values, vs. Newsgator (which I even paid $29 for) which has stopped selling the Outlook edition in favor of a per month fee.


3 responses to “Omea Reader Replaces Newsgator for RSS”

  1. Hey Scott, the guys on the team love to hear stuff like this! Thanks for the response! If you have any other issues, you know what to do 🙂


  2. Why not try Bloglines.Bloglines is much better than newsgator. You can synchronize bloglines with blogbot for outlook. Folder hierarchy is synchronized between Outlook and Online via blogbot. It’s much better than newsgator between outlook and online.

    If you like desktop news client, You can use Greatnews to synchronize bloglines like newsgator using feeddemon. Good news is Greatnews is a wonderful free software but feeddemon isn’t.Folder hierarchy is synchronized between Bloglines and Greatnews. Feeddemon doesn’t synchronize Folder hierarchy between newsgator online and itself. Greatnews can be found at :

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    Even you uses several computer, you won’t read the same news twice. cause it’s synchronized online, at outlook via blogbot, at desktop by greatnews.

    Bloglines doesn’t offer a desktop service? That’s not true, check out Greatnews!

    newsgator is about to attract you to put money out to their pocket. But bloglines platform strongly supported by blogbot in outlook and gratnews in desktop client is about freedom of goodness of sharing.

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