Sauce Reader

I have been looking for a possible replacement for Newsgator because my Outlook is starting to get a bit crowded and will sometimes go into endless restarts.

My biggest feature request is the ability to view all the items in one browser interface like Newsgator or Bloglines. I want to be able to have a folder containing 10 feeds, and when I click on that parent folder I want to view all my feeds in one page. You get the idea.

This one request has been hard to find. Newsgator does this great. Bloglines does this, but will then mark all of the items as read once you see them. FeedDemon and SharpReader do not have it.

Once I have this, I need the ability to “Delete All” the items shown in the browser window. Only Newsgator has this.

Today I downloaded the newer version of Sauce Reader and they had point #1 nailed. I sent a feature request for #2.

I am going to try to use Sauce over the next couple days and see if that will do it for me.


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