Disneyland Annual Pass Chooser

I have had to run through this question and answer list with several friends recently.  Answering these questions will determine which pass you should buy.

2009 Disneyland Annual Pass Options

  • Premium (365 days) – $389
  • Deluxe (315 days) – $269
  • So Cal (215 days) -$174
  • So Cal Select (170 days) – $134


Refer to the Combined Disneyland Blockout Calendar I wrote about prior for the large version.


1. Do you want/need to go on the weekends?

If yes, So Cal Select is out since that is only for weekdays.

2. Do you want/need to go on Saturdays?

If yes, then all So Cal passes are out since they only allow you to go on Sundays and week days.

3. Do you want/need to go during Summer or Spring break?

If yes, then all So Cal passes are out.

4. Do you want/need to go on holidays (e.g. X-Mas, Independence Day, Thanksgiving)?

If yes, then you must get Premium.

5. Do you want to go only when it is not super crowded?

If yes, So Cal Select is the best option since you can’t go during the main part of the summer, weekends or holidays.

In Conclusion

Premium – Perfect if you have the money, have kids in school, and don’t mind going when the park is its busiest.

Deluxe – More economical, but you still want to go during the summer and don’t mind not going on the few dates you can’t go since they are absolutely INSANELY busy.

So Cal – Perfect if you need to go on Sundays and don’t care about going during the Summer and Spring break.

So Cal Select – Perfect if you want to avoid all crowds and can go during the week.

6 responses to “Disneyland Annual Pass Chooser”

  1. i was wondering if i have to purachase a pass for every one in my family or its include with mine?

  2. i was wondering if there’s a way to delete my disney annual pass. in between jobs right now , and need to save money… please let me know …… thank you for your cooperation

  3. Are these the prices for each person or for families? Is there a discount on multiple members?

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