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  • Disneyland Annual Pass Chooser

    I have had to run through this question and answer list with several friends recently.  Answering these questions will determine which pass you should buy. 2009 Disneyland Annual Pass Options Premium (365 days) – $389 Deluxe (315 days) – $269 So Cal (215 days) -$174 So Cal Select (170 days) – $134 Refer to the Combined Disneyland […]

  • Disneyland Blockout Dates Calendar

    Here are all the blackout dates for all Annual Passes on one calendar. The blockout dates are additive – meaning, the Southern California blockouts are all the blue days PLUS all the yellow Deluxe days.  Therefore, the Southern California Select Annual Pass blockouts are all the orange, blue and yellow days. (The Southern California Annual Passes are only […]

  • How to Eat in the Apple Store

    I just happened to look and see Phoenix doing this out of the corner of my eye.  It turns out he was doing this each time I gave him another cheesy.

  • Twittering Samantha’s Delivery

    In order to keep everyone updated as often as they want to be informed, I am twittering the pregnancy from this stage forward.

  • 15 Month Old Guitar Hero

    Can I be any prouder? Now playing: Angels & Airwaves – Everything’s Magic

  • The Simpson-Elkin Family

    Scott, Phoenix & Samantha Elkin Shout out to the Simpsons Movie website.

  • Home Wireless Security Systems Review

    A neighbor was burglarized a few days ago, and although the idea of yet another monthly charge was upsetting to me, I decided to check out what options were available.  I called ADT, Brinks, Metro Guardian, Protection One and Protect America. I went into this knowing nothing other than a few of the big names, […]

  • Protect America Home Security

    In the process of evaluating many home security companies, I found Protect America.  They assert themselves as the, “largest authorized installer of GE Home Security”, and on the phone I was told that they were the, “third largest home security company in the US”. My initial phone call was pretty good.  The woman, Michelle Scully, was […]

  • Phoenix Videos

    Phoenix’s first steps (about an hour ago) with cart: Laughing while playing with remotes (pretty funny): Jumping up and down in his bouncer: Yesterday, he figured out how to raise his hands up in the air.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts Commercial

    My brother-in-law’s commercial is airing in regions where Dunkin’ Donuts are located.  Yay! Now playing: The Shins – Australia