Disneyland Blockout Dates Calendar

Here are all the blackout dates for all Annual Passes on one calendar.

The blockout dates are additive – meaning, the Southern California blockouts are all the blue days PLUS all the yellow Deluxe days.  Therefore, the Southern California Select Annual Pass blockouts are all the orange, blue and yellow days.

(The Southern California Annual Passes are only available for people living in Southern California, hence the name.)

Disneyland Blockout Dates Calendar

7 responses to “Disneyland Blockout Dates Calendar”

  1. i think the block out dates for the annual passes are a rip off because you pay so much money and you cant even go on some of the days in t he year

  2. I think you should understand that they give you options for different passes, and there is one pass with no black out dates and let me tell you I have definetly gotten my monies worth!!! If you use your pass 3 x’s a year thats about $300.00 worth and that’s more than two of the passes cost! Get your story right, disneyland has great deals, you just need to know how to use them!!! Plus the premium pass pays for your parking too… I have gone 12 x’s this year and well you do the math, it paid both parking and my entrance to both parks…. What do you think that would of cost me without the pass?

  3. They do u a favor by blocking you, those dates are fair warning that you dont want to be in the park on those days!
    If you need to bucause of visitors or such, then you go in at a discount or upgrade to the next pass and only pay the difference.
    Also, if you want to go on a block out date and dont yet have the pass. You can buy it on a block out date and its not blocked on the day of purchase…

  4. Please UPDATE the Calif. Annual Pass Calender…you have it listed 2009, this is 2011!!!!!!!

  5. You know i get what the guest is saying about all the blackout dates.KnottsBerryFarm has one block out date for its annual pass and Universal has maybe two block out dates.

  6. The blackout dates for the cheapest one are RIDICULOUS! For the 2011 calendar, there are NO days in July, right when my kids are on Summer Vacation? We purchased these today, in fact, and the person working didn’t give us any heads up whatsoever! Not very impressed to say the least..

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