Only Idiots Will Buy a PS3

Excuse me if I offend anyone, but you would seriously have to be some kind of moron to buy a PS3 for twice the price of a much better Xbox 360:

  1. Sony has flat out lied to its fans that they were going to launch this March, when everyone in the industry knew it wasn't going to happen. For gods sake, the development kits weren't even out that long.  We can debate whether it is a lie, but those reading all the press releases knew something stunk. Link
  2. Because of the Immersion lawsuit, the Dual Shock has been nuked.  A controller with no rumble is so 1990’s. Link
  3. No HDMI in the $499 version. That means that some Blu-Ray DVD movies may not play in High Def.  “Future Proof”, ha.  Link
  4. There has been more than one report that the graphics are not that much better than the Xbox 360, and certainly not for so much more $$$. Link 
  5. Sony is losing some of its exclusives. EA Online is now Xbox Live Enabled and Grand Theft Auto IV was just announced as an Xbox 360 exclusive. Link
  6. Xbox Live is absolutely awesome. There is no way Sony can match that right away. NO WAY, do you hear me?
  7. Sony stands to lose $900,000,000 on the PS3 launch. The reason? Building a cell processor that is not much better yet way cheaper Xbox IBM processor, and the Blu-Ray drive. Link
  8. First generation Blu-Ray drive speed will be 1x or 2x, which will cause much slower load times than the Xbox 360. Link
  9. Developers working on games for the PS3 have said it is much harder to develop games for than the Xbox 360. Link
  10. Microsoft will be cutting their price down to $219 and $299 in October.  That will make the PS3 TWICE as expensive.  Link
  11. What parent in their RIGHT MIND would pay for an $800 toy for their teenager? ($600 system + $50 controller + $60 game + $60 tax).
  12. Oh yeah, and what if Blu-Ray loses the war?  Sony tends to lose these races.  Link
  13. Halo 3.  Wow.  Link
  14. $500 version also won’t support wireless controllers. Link
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