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  • My Password Was Hacked

    This past weekend, a major website was hacked, and all the emails and passwords were posted online for the world to see. Luckily for you, it was a network of technical websites.  So if you aren’t a tech guy, you probably aren’t affected. Unluckily for me, my personal email and password was one of the […]

  • Blackberry Tour 9630 Scroll Wheel Broken

    I received my Blackberry Tour 9630 about 5 days ago, and almost immediately noticed that the horizontal scrolling was either laggy or didn’t work. After five days, I couldn’t scroll horizontally at all at normal sensitivity.  At 100 horizontal sensitivity, it will jump around a lot but will eventually scroll. Here is a blurry video […]

  • Sprint Blackberry Tour NOT Available

    June 30, 2009: Verizon announced the Blackberry Tour would be released on July 12,2009. July 1, 2009: Sprint also announced the Tour would be available on their network the same day. July 11,2009: I called Sprint’s Telesales and asked when the Tour is coming out and when they would be in the stores and was […]

  • Save Money With Your AT&T Home Phone Line

    I called AT&T yesterday to add our old phone number to our account so that I can port it over to a new VOIP account I am about to setup. They charged me $40 for the phone activation, and $7.50 a month as the bare-bones rate to have the phone line.  No matter what I said, […]

  • Make Your Emails Stand Out Using Personal E-mail Certificates

    Notice the red badge on each envelope and the blue lock in the image below?  The red badge tells me that the person is who they say they are, and the blue lock tells me that the message is encrypted. Not only is this functionally important, but it really makes their email stand out and […]

  • Save Money – Get DSL Without a Phone Line

    Here is a great tip that could save you over $500 a year:  You no longer need to keep a home phone just for internet access. Costs and Savings Historically, DSL or “Digital Subscriber Line” worked over your home phone line, which forced us to have to pay for basic phone service in order to […]

  • A Parent Must Have: Flip Video Camcorder

    Every parent goes through a video phase where they want to document their kids life. Most realize pretty fast that their $1,000 HD video camera purchase was a waste since: It’s a pain carrying around the video camera Extemporanous moments don’t happen because to catch it you would be forced to shoot ALL the time. No one […]

  • Ebay’s Paypal Shipping Is Raping You

    I just sold an old video camera on ebay for $203. The buyer paid via paypal, and normally my next step is to go into paypal to print the shipping information. This time instead of presenting me with the buyers shipping information, Paypal prompted me to try to their new UPS Shipping solution.  Paypal said […]

  • Google Reader Broken In Firefox

    Google unveiled their new “Notes” feature yesterday, and ever since I can’t use it in Firefox 2 (even Safe Mode). This is what I see: The errors below it are: in file 1104796821-en-scr… (line 205) missing } after function body var Zs=”entry-via-link”;Qs.prototype.gC=function(a,b){if(!a||a.length==0)return;… in file reading-list (line 111) _FR_scrollMain is not defined var userId = “GR-” […]

  • Blackberry Dead Battery Problem

    Since I bought my Blackberry 8830 from Sprint, I have been on and off having a dead battery half way through my day.  In fact, just last week I thought of taking it back. I had noticed that I would take my phone out of my pocket and it would be slightly warm, like it […]