System of a Down

I have mentioned System's newest album Mezmerize before, but I was listening to it in the car and had some revelations. If you haven't heard System before, the best way I can describe them is “frantic bitch slaps”. I say this seriously, because their music will go from a more soothing, normal melody to a verbal shock of dissonant screaming (which I call the “slap”). I say “frantic” because it isn't that predictable. Just when you think you know where a song is going, he goes and screams and slaps you once again.

The band is a lot like myself at a young age. I would eat a bunch of sugar and drink some coke and I would just go OFF. One minute I would be jumping on the back of a helpless friend, the next passed out watching an after school special.

Anyway, this album is way less “slappy” than the last one, which is why I can palette it. For anyone that didn't dig their first one, I would try to listen again.


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