December Moviefest

I got tired of writing movie reviews, and since we saw so many I thought I would share quickies. How I rate movies is would I tell someone to spend $10 on it, vs. Matinee vs. Strong Rental vs. Rental, vs. Rental Crap

The Aviator Good movie – Matinee / Strong Rental
Spanglish VERY upset on the hard press its getting. Loved it – See it Now.
Million Dollar Baby Rental
The Woodsman Another good movie, but wait to video – Strong Rental
Love Song for Bobby Long MY FAVORITE – See It Now
Hotel Rwanda Good movie – Matinee / Strong Rental
Lemony Snickett’s Rental Crap
In Good Company Strong Rental
Merchant Of Venice Al Pacino Is Great – Matinee
House Of Flying Daggers Strong Rental / Rental
Finding Neverland See It Now / Matineel

Wow! I had NO idea I went to so many movies this past 30 days. Gotta love free movies…

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