Filmed my VH1 Tv Show

I found out about 3 weeks ago that I was not chosen as one of the nerds for the VH1 pilot called “The Revengers”.

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  1. I was an extra on the show you did. Once you got to the studio at the end it was not real at all. Anyway, I thought you did a good job and thought I would tell you. Oh P.S. it’s cool for me that you wrote about it, because I was looking for the prod. comp. to put it on my resume. -C

  2. i was an extra at the glendale studio shot and didn’t know if the show was real or not, still not clear on if that guy knew what was going on or not, he seemed really surpised when that fat guy in the suit stated yelling at him, i think if he knew it was fake he would have just started laughing, he seemed scarred when that guy came storming out of the building and yelling and pointing, that guy was crazy, i thought he may actually have been a producer on the show for real, was he an actor or a true nerd?

    >>The nerds they cast were truly geeky. I thought that 3 of the 4 were truly good people that did their jobs really well and were great to be around.

    were they all really nerds or actors? the asian? girl, she’s not really a geek is she? and which 3 did their jobs well?

  3. The guy storming out was Jonathan, and was not actually a producer. He used to be an agent at William Morris and so knows the business real well. Where he learned to act like a raving mad imbecile producer I am not quite sure…but he did a phenomenal job.

    They were all actors. The only “true” nerd, by my standards at least was Jason Ginsburg. He sealed that deal when I saw a blown up picture of the moon and he knew the crater’s name. I know, pretty sweet.

    The asian girl, Chilan, worked on Fresh Gear on Tech TV up in San Fran. That is pretty geeky.

    Let’s just say that one I was not impressed with.

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