Helping Tsunami Survivors in Sumatra

A buddy of mine from Florida called me wondering if I would go with him to some of the most heinous parts of Indonesia to help them out.

Apparently it is really bad there. Tons of tons of bodies and lack of food and water and now the start of diseases such as malaria. I will have to get a bunch of shots before I can get on a plane. It’s just chaos there. He also mentioned that the relief workers can’t even do there job because they keep throwing up (not sure if from sickness or the smell).

It would be very satisfying helping organize stuff down there. I am sure that 10 days of helping won’t solve everyones problems down there, but at least it is something.

I’ll know in the next 48 hours if I can make it all go right to make it with him. The biggest thing is leaving my job for 10 days with no internet connection in case they have any problems.

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  1. Thank you I am learning of new things all day! And it is good to know of my RSS already work. I think I need add button of RSS to make this thing clear.

    But more work to do!

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