New Kitten joins the Family

After about a year of researching, searching and waiting, our new kitten has arrived today. He had been flying for over 5 hrs to get to LA, so now he is spending quality time napping in the bathroom magazine holder.

I think we are going to stick to our naming convention that we used with our current cat. Our Britsh Shorthair, Prince Tolkien III of Hayworth, is named from “Prince” (of British origin), “Tolkien” (English Author), “III” (Sounds funny) and “of Hayworth” (our street, which is his fiefdom). Because we named our British Shorthair cat after a British author, we were thinking of naming our new American Shorthair likewise.

Some ideas we've had are “Senator Hemingway of Ohio” and “Congressman Hawthorne”. To tell you the truth, it's hard to think of great American names. Douglas Adams and Neil Stephenson have normal last names. Thoreau and Walden I don't like. Poe sounds weird. Orson Scott Card doesn't do it. Hmmm. Gene Roddenberry is too geeky for my wife. Ugggh.

Until we figure it out, here is the first pics.


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  1. Hello Scott and Samantha~

    Thank you for the email and sharing the great pics. Can hardly wait to see those of he and Tolkien wrapped up together.

    What a handsome addition to your family. Looks like Tolkien really has himself a wonderful brother. It certainly was a long wait.

    Please love him as you do Tolkien What else could I hope for for one of my babies? Pics and updates always appreciated.

    Kisses to both the kids. Best to you both.

    Pawpats and purrs, Kit and kids @ Felicitykits

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