Starbucks Venti Iced Coffee Cup

I walked into a Starbucks in an old Albertson’s and saw this baby sitting there for $15. Apparently they had only been there for 1 hour and they were almost sold out.


I was looking for this many years ago, and the Grande sized ones were selling for almost $80 on ebay. They were discontinued many years ago.


  • Venti Sized – slightly bigger to accomodate the double walls
  • Double Walled Insulated to keep moisture off the outside, and keeping it cold longer on the inside
  • $.10 off all iced drinks
  • There is a bulb on the end of the straw to keep it from being pulled out (wonderful with kids around.
  • The lid screws on and has a rubber seal to keep it tight:


Although I do enjoy Iced Coffee, I mostly use the cup for water. Up until today, I have been collecting iced coffee cups to use around the house much to my wifes chagrin. Now I have a free drawer:


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  1. They have them in stock at starbucks right now, both the grande and the venti. They’re special for the holidays. They have a candy cane straw too (way cute!)

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