Why I Don’t Read Your Blog

  1. Base your blog almost exclusively of links to other blogs. I love to spend time clicking around the earth.
  2. Configure your RSS feed to only show the first 16 words of your entry followed by an ellipsis (…). I hate having to read your blog in my RSS reader where all the other blogs are. This is slightly better than:
  3. Cropping your blog in half and replacing the second half with advertising.
  4. Don’t spell check your blog before you post, and then keep changing grammatical and style errors once it’s posted. My aggregator will then pull down each version, so I get to read the same stupid rant 8 times; 7 times with misspellings.
  5. Use relative links to any images so when I view them I get big white blank ugly boxes. This is especially helpful when you refer to the great photo you took of Yosemite. Was it during a blizzard or do you not realize my newsreader HAS NO KNOWLEDGE of where ../../img/lookatmeinyosemite.jpg is?
  6. Talk about music that no one has ever heard of. You know, the eclectic ones that ecletic people like. And then talk about how you dislike them when 3 people start liking them.
  7. Take five months off from blogging; then realize it has been five months; then write a post to just apologize. I am then left with several years and several apologies.
  8. Never post a picture of anything. I don’t like to see what things look like. I’d rather just picture it using the words that exude from your keyboard.
  9. Promise me how you are “going to post it tomorrow” and then never post it. I have always liked broken promises since Alison refused to square dance with me after she agreed to at sixth grade camp.
  10. Post “It works!” each time you want to test a new blog IDE, website style, or when you upgrade to a new blog version. Use “Hello World” also. I never get tired of reading that. In fact I think I am going to rename my blog to that (not a bad idea).
  11. Reconfigure your blog now and then so that I am forced to redownload the last 15 entries I have already read.

Man, I have violated almost all of these. 🙂 Lucky for me all of 3 people read this and they make fun of me regardless of whether I’m a hypocrite or not.

[Listening to: God Put A Smile Upon Your Face – Coldplay – (4:57)]

7 responses to “Why I Don’t Read Your Blog”

  1. Way to go mr. spell-checker! (Bernard Parks celeb siting. Did he actually sit down?)

  2. Here’s why I quit reading your blog. From your Dec 20, 2004 entry “Don’t by a Sony TiVo


    You wrote

    “And since their is only one service center in the US, you are stuck with it.”

    “Their” should be “There”.

    There is only one thing worse than people who don’t use a spekk checker and that’s people who do and don’t proof before they post ; )

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