YARS – Yet Another Rain Storm

Holy cow. It’s raining again.

From NBC4:

Los Angeles likely will inch farther up in the record books 
by the time a new storm -- which reached the region 
Tuesday afternoon -- moves out of the area.

Downtown Los Angeles already has gotten 34.81 inches 
of rain since July 1, making this the third wettest year on 
record. The figure is .03 of an inch away from the 
second place total of 34.84 inches, recorded in 1889-90.

The new storm is expected to bring a total of about a 
quarter-inch of rain

I am still trying to figure out when to wash my very dirty Prius. It hasn’t been washed since November/December.

[Listening to: To the Taxmobile! – Lenlow – (3:53)]

2 responses to “YARS – Yet Another Rain Storm”

  1. You should wash your very dirty Prius at the earliest opportunity, i.e. the next time the car wash is open. Not only will it feel fabulous to have the interior cleaned but they will put a coat of hot wax on that paint which is so thirsty for it. A nice coat of wax is key to the preservation of a car’s paint job. The wash/wax will cause the water from the next rain to bead beautifully across the hood of your car, make the wipers glide gracefully along the windshield and the give the tires that beautiful Armor All shine.

    So you see, the fact that it keeps raining off and on should have no bearing on your decision to wash your car or not. And if it does have a bearing, it should be to INFLUENCE you in the direction of giving that mean machine a nice hot bath.

    Just make sure to tell them NO FRAGRANCE.

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