Debug in Visual Studio using Firefox

God knows why I never took the time to figure this out (I say that a lot), but thankfully Peter Gekko did.

Now when I run my ASP.NET app, it runs in Firefox. Thats nifty.

Change Visual Studio Preferences To Run Firefox

Update: This will not work for me. I thought it did when I wrote it, but the process dies on me after about 5 seconds. Oops. I leave this post here in the hopes someone can figure out how I screwed up.

2 responses to “Debug in Visual Studio using Firefox”

  1. It dies for me too. I’d love to have this working. Let us know if you come across the fix.

  2. Followed the instructions above and FF debugging works fine for me. Can trace into code, use break points …

    Using FireFox 1.0.1

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