Exception Handling Block Error

Ran into the error:

There were no types found in the assembly
'MyAssembly' that implement or inherit from
the base type 'System.Exception'.

when trying to add a custom Exception Policy in the new Enterprise Library Exception Handling Application Block. After finding Jason's Post I saw the relevance to my problem.

I copied all my references in the Enterprise Library bin directory, and voila…


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  1. Scott,

    I’m having the same issue you’ve described here. Would you mind going into more detail for the resolution? I don’t quite understand what you did to fix it. I understand you to have copied all of the referenced assemblies from your solution into the bin directory of the built Enterprise Library; is that correct?

  2. Yeah, it is simple. I took all the dll’s that was in the bin directory from Enterprise Libray, and copied them to the bin directory of my program.

    Hope that helps!

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