My Favorite Blogs

I thought I would list my favorite programmer blogs that I look forward to reading every day. I use Newsgator for Outlook, so it is very easy for me to group them and read them as a part of my daily business.

To be a favorite I look for several things. One, it can’t be over my head or too neophyte. And I would rather get specific examples and code rather than concepts. I also dont like an excess of non-programming talk. This is why I no longer read Chris Sells or Don Box. Don talks about things that I don’t use every day, and it is a bit over my head. Chris talks a lot about other stuff other than code. I understand why they are popular, but they just don’t fit in my mold. No harm.

As warped as it may sound, I really relate to the below people. I almost forget that they are not actually friends because I have read so much of what they have written.

Anyway, so this is what I like in no particular order:

Scott Hanselman,
Cyrus’s Blather,
David Starr,
Eric Gunnerson,
Scott Mitchell,
Scott Watermasysk,
Kent Sharkey,

Keep in mind that I do read lots of other ones, but these are my favorite.

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