Outlook Auto-Complete Emails

In the “That’s it I can’t take it anymore department”, It really ticks me off when I start to type a name in my Outlook “To” field and it sticks in the wrong email address for the person EVEN THOUGH their correct one is stored in my Contacts. I land out emailing people at the wrong address, and mail gets lost.

After doing a little research, I found that Outlook has a “nickname list” that is compiled every time you send or receive mail from someone. Then when you start to type a name or address it will suggest based off of this list and your contacts.

So, to remove the offending email from this “nickname list” just hit the “delete” key when it suggests it to you. More specifically, type the first few characters of the name you want to delete. Then when it suggests a list of potential names to insert, tab to the correct one and hit “delete”.

And if you don’t already know so already, after you type the first few letters, you can hit CTRL+K to force Outlook to insert the match.


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  1. Great tip on the user [delete] to reduce the “can’t take it anymore department.” Will definitely use it. Thx.

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