Print PDF Documents That Disable Printing

I received a question of how to print a PDF that does not allow you to print it. This worked for me:

  1. Download and install Ghostscript.
  2. Download, install and run GSView.
  3. Open GSView and open the PDF document you can’t print.
  4. File –> Print like you normally would.

7 responses to “Print PDF Documents That Disable Printing”

  1. I get this error:

    GSview 4.9 2007-11-18
    GPL Ghostscript 8.71 (2010-02-10)
    Copyright (C) 2010 Artifex Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
    This software comes with NO WARRANTY: see the file PUBLIC for details.
    Scanning PDF file
    **** This file uses an unknown security handler.
    **** The file was produced by:
    **** >>>> ïæL‡êJ-t*TÒëIÿW1b
    îØã+Ep+ª]ò›<enâjüµ}ÈÂ,ù!tÖ <<<<
    Error: /undefined in pdf_process_Encrypt
    Operand stack:

    Execution stack:
    %interp_exit .runexec2 –nostringval– –nostringval– –nostringval– 2 %stopped_push –nostringval– –nostringval– false 1 %stopped_push 1878 1 3 %oparray_pop 1877 1 3 %oparray_pop 1861 1 3 %oparray_pop 1755 1 3 %oparray_pop –nostringval– %errorexec_pop .runexec2 –nostringval– –nostringval– –nostringval– 2 %stopped_push –nostringval– –nostringval– –nostringval– false 1 %stopped_push –nostringval–
    Dictionary stack:
    –dict:1162/1684(ro)(G)– –dict:1/20(G)– –dict:79/200(L)– –dict:108/127(ro)(G)– –dict:288/300(ro)(G)– –dict:18/25(L)–
    Current allocation mode is local

    I downloded this file from a site that give me a "CryptoAPI Private exchange Key".I install it and the file was opened.

    But I cant print it !

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